Liv Tyler's Style in Stealing Beauty 1996

All Screencaps are mine

What can I say about Bernardo Bertolucci’s Stealing Beauty... Released in June of 1996, it tells the story of Lucy Harmon (Liv Tyler), a nineteen-year-old American traveling to spend the summer in Italy with Diana and Ian, family friends who long ago relocated from London and Dublin to a sprawling Tuscan farmhouse in which they host a rotating cast of international artsy types for extended stays. The explicit reason for Lucy's trip is so that Ian, a sculptor who carves the Botero-like statues that dot the grounds, can do her portrait. But she’s really made the transatlantic journey, funded by the man she grew up calling dad, to search for her real father, whose identity is encoded in a poem by her late mother. And she's also there to rekindle the flame with Nicc├│lo Donati, an inconstant Italian boy she met and fell for on her last visit, four summers earlier. Liv steals every scene in this coming of age movie, she epitomizes youth in all its glory, for she actually turned eighteen on set!


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