Wear Your Scars

I just read the most peculiar article on Vogue.com, in it Clémence Poésy proclaims that "Dark circles under the eyes can be one of the most moving things on a human face." But it was Chloé Perrin that stole my heart after declaring that "I’ve always thought dark circles look quite romantic, is that strange? They make a fresh face look interesting." The quotable article gave us another gem with Violette's nonchalant approach to beauty "The biggest thing about French culture is to accept who you are, love you and the way you look, and play with it," she insists. "Faults are so charming and make you unique." Reading this made my heart flutter. Why are the French always naturally and organically beautiful? It seems that beauty, in their eyes, comes from within. It's quite clear to me that if you wear your scars on your soul, the depth in your character will shine through your eyes, and no amount of makeup can restrain such beauty! 


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