It's always nice to stumble upon a very genuinely cool working gal. After long sleepless nights checking instagram accounts, I found my gem... Her name is Dalal AlSadhan... Her account is a photo diary of her adventurous life, travels, and the most amazing job ever! jealous yet? Trust me, you'll be after reading this.

Who rule the world? Girls and Dalal is one of them...

F:Who is Dalal AlSadhan?
D:I have never been asked that before, I had to ask my friends who they think I am and their response was not interview worthy- (Sarcasm was present)! So I’ll go ahead and try to describe myself.

Here goes:
Dalal is a good old fashion lover, and as some may know a self-proclaimed coffee addict, legit wanderer, and a part time drifter moving from one professional role to another. While maintaining endless support to local talent around the clock.

Do you think that the fashion scene in Saudi Arabia is going somewhere? Or are we applauding one or two designers, based on instagram posts of certain insta-celebrities, due to the lack of fashion editors and critics that are willing to step up and clean up the mess... And on that note, who are your favorite Saudi designers and artists?
D:I’m an enormous believer in the fashion scene in our region, not just in Saudi Arabia but all over the gulf and the Middle East, I honorably support regional designers that are talented and passionate which is why I love working with Khaleejesque Magazine.  I do think that we still don’t have the platform that helps those designers grow and so the means of getting recognition would unfortunately be done through, like you mentioned, insta-celebrities  (I condemn using insta-celebrities to promote brands). Although on that note there are a few influencers that I follow and respect, but it is always important to really think carefully of what your brand represents, it is a matter of quality over quantity. I definitely think the fashion scene specifically in Saudi Arabia is going somewhere, we may be applauding one or two designers, but I don’t think the number matters as much as the passion, the drive, and talent... And we’re getting somewhere!

F:Describe your personal style?
D:feminine but not flirty.

F:When in doubt, what do you wear?
D:Anything black, preferably with lace, with red lips will undoubtedly make the trick.

F:What inspires you?
D:Cities, people, different cultures, different languages...

F:What morning routines are religious for you?
D:Coffee, Coffee, Coffee..

F:What do you collect and why?
D:I used to collect magazines growing up; I have a whole closet full of magazines dating from 1997. Back in the day when I knew I won’t be able to find those magazines in Saudi. I used to buy a chunk of Art/Fashion magazines whenever I travel and ship them back with me. I would spend the rest of my boring days in Riyadh studying the editorials in those magazines. Recently I have been collecting make up and skin care products. Like fashion, one can never have enough makeup.

F:What’s your detox and retox?
D:I’m obsessed with nail polish, for as long as I remember I have had a pretty cool color collection until I discovered Gel nail polish also known as Shellac, I haven’t had my nails bare in over 7 years. I’m trying to let them breathe for a little bit, but a day or two has been the max I can cope with.. I’ll retox right away and gel them.

F:Image is everything these days, If you don't educate yourself and evolve you'll find yourself out of date or old fashioned, What do you do to keep your style up to date?
D:Funny you mention that, because a lot of times, I feel like my style is actually out of date. I definitely find inspiration in vintage/retro eras. I never like to follow a trend, and my personal style is always evolving and changing although I will always personally love a certain style more than others, but I enjoy playing dress up with my closet. My style will go from modern gypsy to classic-chic and retro-funk within a week.

F:What are your favorite cities?
D:This is going to hard:

London is my second home and my favorite city in the whole world, there is just so much inspiration in London’s streets from window displays to flea markets and street style.

Being a foodie I will share my top favorites: Granger & Co., Balthazar, and Gail’s Kitchen.

As for shopping, I love Westbourne grove, Portobello Market, and Shoredich.

F:List 3 items that are always present in your bag?
D:My make up bag also known as my sanity, my wallet, and red lipstick... just in case.

F:Do you follow any fashion blogs for inspiration?
D:I never have the time, but when I do I always go on Tumblr!

I follow your blog which I really enjoy and love reading...

Internationally I like we wore what and the haute pursuit.

From our region I like the urban analyst, side note bana and fashion mint tea.
F:What's the best advice you've received that has kept you going and growing?
D:Never give up or be ashamed of what you really love.


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