Dreams & Jewels with Dana Al Khalifa

F:Let's talk about 'Dreams & Jewels', what do you dream about in terms of the ultimate jewelry piece to add to your collection?
D:Oh I dream in stones! I want every shape, every single style, halo, no halo, on white gold, on yellow gold... Cushion cut, emerald cut, oval, pear, brilliant... That’s what I dream in!

For my own collection I'm dreaming of earrings pear cut drops, and an emerald cut diamond ring as well as emerald cut green emerald earrings. Also next time I buy a watch it would be from auction, I have some ideas in my head!

And although I’ve never been a necklace person I'm really dreaming of Suzanne Kalan's baguette bar necklace, it's so elegant.

F:If you could borrow a luxury piece from Elizabeth Taylor’s infamous jewelry box, what would you borrow and why? 
D:My obvious answer would be the Krupp Diamond because according to Elizabeth Taylor you can see the colors of the rainbow in it! And it's just the ultimate piece of diamond.

I would also love to borrow the Cartier ruby and diamond suite, given to her by third husband Mike Todd, only because THAT is the way rubies should be worn!

F:You represent Suzanne Kalan's brand in the Middle East, why Kalan and how come Dana Al
Khalifa has not designed a collection that represents what every young woman wants? 
D:I represent Suzanne Kalan because her work is young, timeless, creative and beautiful, and also because she is a really good kind-hearted person.

I am not artistically inclined that's why I haven't designed a collection, I can't seem to think of anything that no one before me has created! Plus my jewelers at The Overdressed Pavilion design pieces that every young woman wants!

F:What makes you excited about working with jewelry? 
D:It is twofold: I love the design aspect. I respect that someone has bothered to take a bag of small diamonds and turn them into something so beautiful and iconic of a brand
(think Suzanne Kalan baguette bracelets).

Then I also love the purity of a beautiful stone that is set so simply, so elegantly it doesn't need anyone's help to show its beauty.

F:If you could wear one piece of jewelry for the rest of your days, what would it be and why? 
D:Such difficult questions. I would choose my engagement ring because it is perfectly overdressed in underdressed world. My mother in law is very clever she designed it and it suits me so perfectly!

This interview was originally published in Arabic in Hia Magazine.


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