EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Parysatis Peymani

Three words that come to mind when describing Rue Rumi's Parysatis Peymani; a Persian Jane Birkin! Lucky Peymani got the best of both worlds, LITERALLY!!! She has the wisdom of the east braided alongside the modernism and openness of the west...  To be honest I've been searching for my next 'it' girl and it all manifested when I accidentally stumbled upon Paysatis' Instagram account. She has vision, she has an identity, and she is proud!

F:Have you always had a passion for fashion?
P:Yes I was obsessed with clothes since I was child. I used to wear winter clothes in summer and summer clothes in winter and borrow my parents garments when I was 14 years old to mix and match my style. I was very fat so I think it was a way for me to embellish my appearance which wasn’t good looking. 

F:How has your Persian roots influenced the way you view life?
P:It completely built who I am today. The fascination and the support I give to the middle east is essentially because I am half Persian. Because I speak and write in Farsi, I can even sometimes understand Arabic and it makes me closer to the local cultures here in Dubai. I think mixed cultures are the best thing in the world; it can only bring tolerance and opens the minds.

F:Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
P:I will always work in the fashion and beauty industry. Hopefully with a small family living between Paris, Tehran, and Dubai.

F:What inspires you?
P:Women and the diversity of the countries. From nature and design, to food and of course fashion. Everything that humans create that is eco-friendly and beautiful.

F:What morning routines are religious for you?
P:Coffee and perfume, I can’t leave my house without my perfume and putting my moisture cream.

F:What do you collect and why?
P:I collect basket bags, I love them in every shape and its probably because they remind me of the south of France, sun and summer time.

F:What’s your detox and retox?
P:Detox juice is the best for me. I do it every three months during two days, its easy and very effective! My retox is definitively Ice cream, French fries, and all the cereals in the world, it’s a proper addiction! Salt and Amorino are the worst for me!

F:What is your everyday uniform?
P:White shirt and levi's jeans with a pair of espadrilles and a basket bag.

F:What is your signature dish in the kitchen? 
P:I am very bad at cooking, but the only thing that I do great is salad. Especially Salad Shirazi, a very Iranian fresh salad with cucumber, tomatoes, red onions and lemon.

F:Where will you be summer 2017 spiritually, professionally, and physically? 
P:I will be in Puglia with my friends, relaxing and chilling. Professionally, I hope to create more and more cool content for brands and always being inspired. 

Your Perfect weekend... Somewhere in nature between the sea and the sun. I love Oman and I'm planing a visit to Jordan soon. I also love having equilibrium between parties and relaxing with friends and family.

Signature Scent... Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Lusting after right now... All the Rouje collection from Jeanne Damas, and Jacquemus' new bag launch! Check his Instagram, the prototypes are insane!

Can’t live without... food, love, and sun.

For more information visit: www.ruerumi.com 


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